Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 35 Algoma University Support Staff

2014-2016 Executive Members of Algoma University Support Staff

Meet your Executive Team:

President - Margaret Neveau

The duties of the President shall be to:
-assume the role of Chief Executive Officer for the Collective Agreement,
-call and preside over all Executive and General Meetings,
-fulfil the duties of the Bargaining Unit President as outlined in the OSSTF Handbook,
-be an ex-officio member of all Bargaining Unit committees,
-report to the Bargaining Unit Executive and Members of the Activities and concerns of the District.
-report to the Members at the Annual General Meeting
-be a member of the Collective Bargaining Committee and the Table Team,
-represent all members of the Bargaining Unit fairly,
-ensure that all vital functions of an office, which has been vacated, be carried out on an interim basis until the vacancy is filled,
-represent the Bargaining Unit at District Council Meetings of OSSTF District 2 and 35,
-represent the Bargaining Unit at the Sector Council General Meeting.

 Email: m.neveau35@gmail.com


Vice-President - Bev Teller

The duties of the Vice-President shall be to:
-perform the duties of the President in the President's absence,
-carry out the duties as may be assigned by the President,
-be responsible for proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws,
-maintain an updated Bargaining Unit membership list.

Email:  bevteller.osstf35@gmail.com


Treasurer - Rose Linklater 

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:
-carry out the duties as may be assigned by the President,
-carry out the duties as may be assigned by the District Treasurer,
-carry out the duties as outlined in the By-Laws,
-represent the Bargaining Unit on the District Finance Committee.

 Email: roselinklater.osstf35@gmail.com


Chief Negotiator - (vacant)

The duties of the Chief Negotiator shall be to
-chair the Bargaining Unit Collective Bargaining Committee, 
-represent the Bargaining unit at the District CBC meetings,
-report on a timely and regular basis to the Executive and the Members,
-carry out the duties as determined by the President.

 Email: TBA 

Secretary - Ivana Bruni

The duties of the Secretary shall be to:
-keep a record of the minutes of all General Meetings and Executive Meetings,
-send a copy of the minutes to each Member of the Executive and the Field Secretary.

 Email: ivanabruni.osstf35@gmail.com


Grievance Officer - Craig Diotte

The duties of the Grievance Officer shall be to:
-consider complaints from members who may have grievances against the University,
-inform the President and Executive of all requests for assistance and potential grievances.
-assist members having legitimate grievances,
-present the grievance on behalf of the members or Bargaining Unit following the steps outlined in the Collective Agreement.

Email:  craigdiotte.osstf35@gmail.com


Communication Officer - Paul Quesnele

The Role of the Communication Officer is to:
- work with the Bargaining Unit Executive, Standing Committees; District Executive and the Provincial Communications Committee,
- coordinate the dissemination of information to Bargaining Unit Members at the instruction of the Executive.

Email: paulquesnele.osstf35@gmail.com