Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 35 Algoma University Support Staff

Joint Consultative Committee (JCC)

Joint Consultative Committee

The Joint Consultative is a union management committee.  This is a committee that meets to discuss issues that affect the Bargaining Unit and its members.

AUSS Representatives and Terms:

2015-2016: Craig Diotte

2015-2016: Joanne Nanne

The Joint Consultative Committee shall attempt:

  • to develop and maintain a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect;
  • to review matters arising from the administration, interpretation and operation of the Agreement and other matters of mutual concern but excluding any dispute which is currently being resolved under the grievance procedures in the Collective Agreement
  • to facilitate better working relationships between the University and the OSSTF Algoma University Support Staff
  • to foster better communication between the various components of the University community;
  • to encourage career development opportunities and job enhancements;
  • to develop measures in order to alleviate and minimize any adverse impact including but not limited to job restructuring, duties normally performed by members of the Algoma University Support Staff and terms of employement.